Fuel Injection Pressure Tester

Fuel Injection Pressure Tester
Fuel Injection Pressure Test- Auto Repair Tools

* A large 3-1/2`` gauge with dual readings of 0-145 psi and 0-1000 kpa. Also a low pressure 2-1/2`` gauge for an accurate reading below 15 psi. * All adapters, gauges, and hose assemblies feature a quick coupling system for speedy and efficient testing connection. * The uniquely designed relief valve relieves the pressure and the fuel safely. Also allows checking for sufficient fuel flow. * No need for wrenches or pipe dope. * The specially designed compact, neatly arranged plastic blow-moulded box makes storage easy. * Comes complete with instruction manual. ACCURA, HONDA, HYUNDAI, MAZDA, SUZUKI, TOYOTA, NISSAN, SUBARU FIAT, BOSCH, JAGUAR, PUEGOT, PORSCHE, RENAULT, VW, VOLVO, TRIUMPH FORD, PFI, TBI, CHRYSLER, GM AUDI BMW, BENZ, SAAB, CISE Auto Repair Tool