The industry standard for fast & accurate synchronising of 4 x carburettor / FI throttle valves on 2 & 4 stroke engines.

Suitable for 2 & 4 stroke engines.
The optional adapter kit allows use on 6 cylinder engines.
The bright, water-resistant & buoyant protective holder makes it ideal for on-board marine & external use.
Four vertical LED columns of 40LEDs each provide an easily read display even in sunlight.
Robust shock-resistant composite-moulded polyurethane-polycarbonate casing.
Drop-proof medical grade pressure sensors.
Self-calibrates for barometric pressure & temperature variations.

The VacuumMate combines 3 function modes in one tool to provide the total synchronising solution
First select *2- or 4-stroke, then RPM mode for setting the engine speed before the synchronising operation.
Then select *AVE* mode & 1 of 3 overlapping scales (5 to 55 cmHg, all with 0,5cmHg resolution) for general synchronising.
If the engine seems difficult to synchronise, select the DYN trouble-shooting mode. This displays vacuum build & release on each cylinder dynamically, allowing easy tracing of the source of the problem, such as a bad valve or cracked intake manifold.

Two models are available - The cost effective WS (workshop) model is powered by any 12V vehicle battery or TecMates TM-20 / TM-26 AccuMate Compact dual-function charger, and is ideal for workshop use.

The easy to use ME (marine) model adds to the above an internal rechargeable 1,5Ah NiMH battery pack of 6 hours autonomy.

Recharge the battery with any charged 12V vehicle battery or AccuMate Compact models TM-20/26 while synchronising.

The VacuumMate comes in a soft nylon travel case with a battery cord-set, T-connector & short separate length of santoprene tubing (for use on vacuum fuel delivery engines), 4 each M5 & M6 flexi-rigid manifold connection adapters, & a user manual.

Endorsed by most major motorcycle & outboard engine manufacturers.

2 year limited warranty.