G.Gun Grease Gun

G.Gun Grease Gun
G.Gun High Pressure Foot Operated Grease Gun

NEW!! Now Incorporating an Innovative Pressure Return Valve

The G.Gun High Pressure Grease Gun has become the Grease Gun of choice in Southern Africa.

Features and Specifications:
1.A two-stage self priming pump which delivers 3ml per stroke up to 600 Bars (8700 Psi) and copes with air pockets.
2.Pumps up to No. 2 NLGI consistency pumpable greases.
3.All moving parts submerged and lubricated by the grease, last a lifetime.
4.Moving parts create wave action in grease, thus no follower plate required.
5.Follower plate available for special conditions.
6.No troublesome seals required - any bypass which develops, simply returns to the canister.
7.Clip on lid keeps rain and dust out.
8.Canister holds up to 8 Kg of grease.
9.Foot operation leaves hands free for one man operation.
10.Handle hinges away for easy filling.
11.Equipped standard with a 2m high-pressure hose.
12.Can be operated by hand when under low machinery.
13.Balanced and easily portable - no outside power required.
14.Pressure return valve and GC oupler saves grease and mess and saves you real money.
15.Easy greasing leads to thorough greasing.