OPTIMATE PRO2 Battery Charger

OPTIMATE PRO2 Battery Charger
Charges two 12V lead-acid batteries of any type, independently. Can also be used to charge 24V.

State of the art automatic 9-stage desulphating charger incorporating diagnostic checks & an automatic multi-stage special recovery mode for deep-discharged (sulphated) batteries. Suitable for the vital first commissioning charging of sealed AGM MF motorcycle and lawn tractor batteries, and for daily use on all different types of 12V lead-acid conventional or sealed batteries as used on scooters, motorcycles, ATVs / Quads, personal water craft & snowmobiles, and outdoor powered maintenance equipment.

Also ideal for VRLA, gel-electrolyte, spiral cell and deep cycle batteries typically used for
.electric trolling motors
.golf trolleys and battery-powered vehicles and machines.
.standby power

The OptiMate PRO 2 automatic charging system is controlled by TecMates highly advanced and unique ampmatic microprocessor. This automatically adjusts the charge current continually to an optimum level for the individual battery to which it is connected, within the selected limit, according to the batterys state of charge, state of health, and electrical storage capacity (Amp-hours). For example if the current erroneously selected is 4 Amps for a battery of only 4 Amp-hours rated capacity (and without internal short-circuit), the ampmatic microprocessor will automatically and continually re-adjust the current to whichever lower level is optimal for the batterys electrical characteristics.

The versatile OptiMate PRO 2 can also charge 24V batteries or 2 x 12V batteries linked in series.
.Output circuit initialises for any battery retaining at least 1,8V. Output switches off if no battery connection detected.
. 10 minutes after activation, an automatic check indicates badly short-circuited cells (red LED).
. Automatic detection of deep discharged (sulphated) batteries + progressive 3-stage recovery mode.
.Ampmatic microprocessor governed constant current optimally recharges battery in minimum time.
.Timed pulsed absorption & verification stages complete the charge & help to re-equalise cell voltages, & ensure that an optimal charge is achieved before the test cycle.
.After verification of the best possible charge, superficial voltage is removed while a timed test checks for excessive self-discharge, with 5 possible results displayed on 3 LEDs.
.If the initial test result is (GOOD), the test is automatically prolonged for 12 hours to verify the initial result.
.Hourly 30 minute maintenance float charge keeps the battery at optimal full charge, but cool and never over-charged.
.Also ideal for optimal recharging of used batteries and long term charge maintenance of batteries in storage.
.Built-in wall-mounting lugs allow fast and easy mounting above the work station.
.2 pairs of interchangeable connection sets, one with battery clips, the other with ring terminals for attaching permanently to batteries & fast, easy connection/disconnection.
.Input power selectable for 115/230V. Detachable power cord.
.Comprehensive illustrated user manual available in eight languages.
.Comprehensive automatic electronic protections against user errors, with suppression of generated sparks.
.Meets all relevant EN & IEC norms and CE directives.