Snap On Battery and Electrical System Tester

Snap On Battery and Electrical System Tester

•Test autos, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs & more
•Test 6, 8, 12, 24V batteries from 100-2000 CCA and the new EFB start-stop vehicle battery
•CCA and temperature inputs aid in superior accuracy for consistent results
•Comfortable horizontal handhold position, soft grips and easy to access buttons
•Test results viewable via real-time graphs on the full color 3.5" screen
•Select from 8 languages for on-screen commands and reports from the built-in printer
•Patented conductance technology
•Integrated printer
•Convenient retractable under-hood hanger
•long cables w/top-or-bottom orientation
•Advanced system test including diode ripple
•Bad Cell detection
•Reverse polarity indicator
•Display battery % of CCA
•State of charge graph
•Group 31 battery pack testing (up to 6)
•USB for software upgrades & data transfer
•Menu driven user interface
•Optional PC print capability
•Customizable printouts with shop information