The Jointmaker Pro v2 holds a custom Japanese saw blade rigid and straight while your clamped wood is pushed through the blade to make the cut. With everything held securely, the resulting cut is perfectly straight and extraordinarily clean.

It is now possible to obtain—regardless of skill level—professional quality cuts without the need for hearing protection, dust collection or electricity. And the resulting cuts (unbelievable until you see it for yourself) require no further clean-up--no need for shooting boards or plane and chisel work. The Jointmaker Pro v2 (patented) is a hybrid device, a hand saw that employs custom Japanese saw blades offered in crosscut and rip grinds.

The blade quickly attaches to a spine which is part of the blade adjustment carriage. The blade moves up and down via a hand-crank on the front of the machine and features an independent pitch adjustor. This combination allows for perfect crosscuts up to six inches in width and in material up to 1-3/4” thick. Small cross-sections like small moldings and dowels can be cut in one pass; the size of larger cross-sections and the hardness of wood will determine the number of passes for a through cut. In either case, the cut is unbelievably smooth and true. The kerf is only .016”— it is phenomenally efficient. It comes with 3-Crosscut A blades.

Traditionally, wood is held in a vise or clamped to a bench and then cut with a handsaw. With the Jointmaker Pro v2, your stock is rigidly held on the linear table (there are various methods depending on the type of cut). All you do is provide the easy back-and-forth motion. Between each stroke, you adjust the blade height for the next cut (if necessary). It may sound complex, but after a few practice cuts you’ll find yourself in a rhythm, where all of this happens quickly and without thought. More importantly, the resulting cut is so smooth it is hard to believe—and achieved with very little noise and no electricity. And it is so versatile.

The tables allow for all kinds of shop-built fixtures and accessories as your reliance on the Jointmaker Pro v2 grows. You will find many new ideas and uses for this amazing saw once you get your hands on it. Most hand accidents involving saws are caused by work-holding risks on power equipment. As such, most woodworkers tend to avoid smaller projects because of these risks. With the Jointmaker Pro v2, the fear of losing digits is all but gone, and the world of making amazingly accurate cuts in small stock is not only easy, it is a whole new aspect of woodworking that is every bit as rich an experience as building larger-scale pieces. There is an old saying, “woodworking gets more difficult the smaller the scale.” And yet the JMP v2 is equally adept at cutting stock up to 6 inches (152.5mm) in width and 1-3/4” (44.5mm) thick. Hardness of the wood does not matter as you adjust the pitch accordingly to allow the saw to cut efficiently with each stroke.

The Jointmaker Pro v2 features a linear table design using a recirculating linear bearing system (the bearings follow a closed loop). They do not need adjustment (factory assembled) and they do not require lubrication. The main advantage is they are easier to use (much less friction) at the expense of a bit more noise. The acetyl bearings are much quieter than steel bearings and we are thrilled with the results. The tables feel effortless and are easily used with one hand. The applications and uses for this tool are enormous.

The Jointmaker Pro v2 is ideal for:

• Box Makers
• Musical Instrument Makers
• Architectural Model Makers
• Toy Makers • Picture Framers
• Furniture Makers
• Artists
• Hobbyists
• Model Railroad Set Builders
• Model Makers
• Environmentally-concerned woodworkers
• Professional Woodworkers
• Special Effects Studios
• Schools
• Parquetry
• Doll house makers.

The only limit is one’s imagination!

What’s Included

JMP Jointmaker Pro v2. Trap fences. Straight fence. 3 Type A crosscut blades. Blade Height Stop. Owner's Manual
Precision Fence System (Metric).
Pivot Clamp.
Precision Fence Elbow Clamp.
Precision Fence Bias Arm.
Precision Fence Tenon Miter Jig.
Replacement Blade.