UG-1 Universal Gauge Kit

UG-1 Universal Gauge Kit
The UG-1 Universal Gauge is a tool designed for makers who work in a confined space or those who understand the value of their time.

There are two 90-degree references within the functionality of the UG-1, one fixed and one utilizing the protractor arm. In use, both utilize the reference hook on the back of the tool or the parallel magnetic reference base. Accuracy of the fixed square is plus or minus 0.002” over the length of the 90mm leg (3.5”).

The 144.5mm (5-5/8”) long protractor leg can be set to 90 degrees and features an offset which serves two purposes, the first allows the 2mm (0.079”) thin blade edge to fit between the teeth of a circular saw blade and the second function facilitates the tilting of drill press tables. By chucking a drill rod blank in the drill press, you have two surfaces on the arm to help precisely set the drill press table to either square or any angle up to 45 degrees.

In summary, the square aspects of the UG-1 are best compared to a “speed square” on steroids!

Utilizing a laser etched 45-degree quadrant, (.5mm etched resolution, and it is easy to visually reference a quarter of a degree), the UG-1 is one of the handiest protractors we have ever seen. Combining this adjustability with the reference hook of the body creates an efficient layout tool or as a set-up tool. It also features quick reference icons for the common angles needed to make polyangular forms.

For those who make hand cut dovetails, it is easy and fast to quickly set the protractor arm to either 6:1 or 8:1 ratios using the quick set icons as a reference.

The UG-1 is an effective layout tool substitute for the standard “T”-Bevel. The blade sits flat on your work piece which allows for precise transfers of angularity between the tool to your stock. It features a two-point locking system, and the only way you can budge your intended setting is to damage the tool. It is a best in class locking system. And the locking lever facilitates those with hand strength constraints.

The depth gauge function of the UG-1 will measure depths in cavities as small as 6mm in diameter and up. Depth capacity is 76mm (3”). Use this to determine the depth of mortises, dado’s, rabbets, holes, and other assorted recesses. It is fast and locks via a jammed dovetail slide. It particularly useful in conjunction with measuring depths when cut by a router. In addition, this is the tool to use when you need to precisely offset a split fence on a router table or shaper.

Often overlooked as a valuable shop aid, a good height gauge can save a lot of time. It is primarily used as a static way to set the height of circular saw blades, JMP blades, router bits, and shaper cutters. It positively locks via a jammed dovetail slide.

The marking gauge on the UG-1 is a quick way to layout lines a specific distance from the hook reference. It is not as efficient, or as versatile as a stand-alone marking gage but works well for tenon layout and other smaller scale applications where parallel lines of a known distance are required. Simply set the red indicator at the desired distance and mark along the bottom edge of the indicator.

The UG-1 can be used to quickly find dead center of stock up to 140mm (5.5”) in width. The scale is metric which is ideal for a centering rule, all you need to do is align the two same numbers on the right and left of the stock, and rule will indicate center at the 0 mark.

One of the difficulties with Americans switching to the archaic imperial measuring system is that it is not easy for our brains to estimate comparable distances. The marking gage of the UG-1 features opposing scales, one imperial, one metric. Sooner than you think possible, you will learn that 25mm is about an inch, 12mm is about ½” and so on.

If you are contemplating one or the other, we recommend you add the version opposite to the direction your table saw tilts. For example, if your table saw tilts to the right (as viewed from the position you stand when making a cut) select the left-handed version. If it tilts to the left, choose the right-handed version.

There are times where a magnetic base is ideal when you need both hands for other tasks.

The UG-1, both left and right versions, are the ideal JMP accessory. Precisely controlling blade height, tilt and fence angles has never been easier. And since most JMP owners have the metal stand, the UG-1 magnetically attaches to any part of the stand. It is fast, convenient and accurate. NOTE: When using the UG-1 flat for miter gage and fence angle settings, a shop made 4mm thick piece of wood is recommended to keep the face of the tool parallel with the table.

Never in our history have we made a tool that addresses the needs of the confined space shop and we are thrilled with the results. For those who would enjoy working on a bench with the fewest number of tools laying around, the UG-1 is for you. This is the most bang for the buck tool to ever leave this company and we are certain you will be thrilled with the way it improves your productivity.


The specifications for each version are identical and are listed below;
Material: 6061 T6 Anodized Aluminum
OAL with blade @90 degrees = 185.6mm
OAH with blade @90 degrees = 153.2mm
Body Height Only = 100mm
Magnetic Sole Width = 16mm
Mass = 560 grams (exclusive of packaging)
Depth Gage Capacity = 76.2mm
Depth Gage Minimum Hole Capacity = 6mm
Height Gage Capacity = 76.2mm
Marking Gage Capacity = 70mm
Protractor Resolution = 0.5 Degree
Center Rule Capacity = 140mm
Rule Units = .5mm