HP- 8 Low Angle Mini Block Plane with Depth Skids

HP- 8 Low Angle Mini Block Plane with Depth Skids
The HP-8 is an excellent small block plane by itself, but with the depth skids, it turns into an incredible, high precision, thickness plane. Thickness small pieces of wood to within .001”.

The HP-8 ‘Mini’ Block is perfect for small plane work like inlay banding, guitar binding, Kumiko (Japanese latticework), or anywhere you need to accurately thickness multiple work pieces. Simply place the reference material (Masonite, playing card, gage pins) for your desired thickness under the front and rear of the sole. Drop the depth skids to the bench, tighten, and start planing. It will stop planing at the desired height within .001” The widest piece you can plane is 1-1/8”. The plane body is milled from a billet of aircraft-grade aluminum and anodized for a beautiful, smooth finish. The Depth Skids are also aluminum and will give you years of service. The plane iron is bedded bevel up at 12° and with a bevel angle of 30° you are working at 42°. There is a 30° Honing Guide available to sharpen your plane iron accurately and a 50° Honing Guide Kit (including a plane iron) which allows you to change the angle by 20° to successfully plane highly figured and reversing grain without tear out. The plane irons with the HP-8 and in the Honing kit are A2 steel.