Festool Rotary polisher SHINEX RAP 150

Festool Rotary polisher SHINEX RAP 150
RAP 150-21 FE-Set Automotive

All-purpose genius.
Longer working due to ergonomic handling and light weight
Accelerator switch, speed preselection, controlled speed, smooth start-up
Temperature-dependent overload protection
Can take heavy loading because of its 2-speed motor
Handle does not get hot because of the cooling element
Main areas of use
Professional universal finishing set for polishing the most common clear coats
Polishing different surfaces: paintwork, mineral materials, etc.
For horizontal and vertical surfaces
Working on awkward, curved spots where a high coverage capacity is also required
for polishing lacquered high-gloss surfaces in the automotive area
maximum speed 2100 rpm

Items Included
additional side-mounted hand grip
StickFix polishing pad Ø 150 mm
Titan 2 sanding disc assortment, 10x StickFix sanding discs Granat P1500 Ø 77mm
spot sander
polish MPA 5000/1
MPA 11000/1 polish 0.5l
PoliStick foam polishing pad, Ø 150 mm, white, fine, honeycombed
2 x PoliStick Ø 150 mm premium sheepskin
microfibre polish drapery
finish cleaner (500 ml)

Technical data
Power consumption 1200 W
Idle engine speed 900-2100 min⁻¹
Max. polishing pad dia. 150 mm
Spindle M14
Weight 2,1 kg