Festool Oil dispenser OS-SYS3-Set

Festool Oil dispenser OS-SYS3-Set
Main applications
Complete set in the SYS 3 T-LOC incl. heavy-duty oil for heavy-duty surfaces in internal areas, one-step oil for decorative surfaces in internal areas and outdoor oil for all woods in external areas
Contains a comprehensive range of accessories and consumable materials for preparation work and oiling using the SURFIX system

Oil application in its cleanest form.
The SURFIX oil dispenser makes oil application clean, fast and ergonomic – and significantly more economical than using a brush or cloth. The heavy-duty, one-step and outdoor oil types cover almost all internal and external applications – and are equally suited to light and dark woods. For ecological surface protection with a maximum quality finish.

Natural surface protection: high-quality natural oils, solvent-free and not harmful to the environment (all are sweat- and saliva-proof i.a.w. DIN 53 160)
Excellent ergonomic design: the full bottle clicks in and serves as a handle
Cleanliness: the safety valve ensures simple metering, closes the oil bottle and protects the oil from drying out
Clearly more economical than using a brush or cloth: the sponge with attached StickFix absorbs excesses and dispenses them again in the right places

Items included

base plate
heavy-duty oil bottle, 0.3 l
one-step oil bottle, 0.3 l
outdoor oil bottle, 0.3 l
5x StickFix oil sponge
5x green non-woven sanding pad
5x white non-woven sanding pad
10x sanding discs STF-D150 P180 RU2
10x sanding discsSTF-D150 P240 BR2