Optimum lathe 200 x 300 Vario

Optimum lathe 200 x 300 Vario
OPTI TURN TU2004V Compact, multi-purpose lathe with digital speed display

Stepless spindle speeds from 150 to 1,250 rpm and 300 to 2,500 rpm
Main spindle hardened and bedded in readjustable precision taper roller bearings
Hardened spindle nose (DIN 6350)
The tailstock may be shifted +/- 2.5 mm for taper turning
Wide threading range due to change gear kit
Taper roller bearings in P5 quality
Rolled trapezoid spindle
Thrust bearing
Leadscrew run on two porous bearings
Leadscrew for threading or automatic longitudinal feed
Induction-hardened and ground prismatic bed made from cast iron
All guideways adjustable without clearance due to adjustable gibs
Powerful, maintenance-free motor
Right and left hand motion with zero adjustment
Manufactured to DIN 8606 (toolmakers precision)
Cost-efficient, precise and of stable value

Technical data
Motor power 600 W 230 V ~50 Hz
Center height 100 mm
Center width 300 mm
Turning diameter (max.) 200 mm
circulation via slide 110 mm
Spindle speed 150 - 2,500 rpm
Number of steps 2 steps
Spindle taper MT 3
Spindle hole 21 mm
Passage 3-jaw chuck 20 mm
Bed width 100 mm
Top slide - travel 55 mm
Compound slide - travel 75 mm
Tailstock taper MT 2
Tailstock sleeve travel 65 mm
Longitudinal feed 0.1/0.2 mm/rev
Pitch - Metric (11) 0.5 - 3 mm/rev
Pitch - Inch (8) 44 - 10 threads/1“
Quadruple tool holder Seat height . 8 mm
Dimensions (L x W x H) 830 x 425 x 360 mm
Net weight 61 kg