Optimum Milling MB4

Optimum Milling MB4
MB 4 - Universal precision drilling milling machine with 12 switchable speeds

Heavy, solid casting type
Adjustable v-ledges
Very wide speed range from 95 - 3'200 rpm
12 switchable speeds by two-stage motor
Right-/left handed rotation
Dovetail guide
Gear head slewable by 60°
Emergency-stop push button
Drilling depth stop
Height-adjustable protective screen with micro switch providing maximum protection of the user against chips and parts flying off at high speed

Technical data
Motor power 380 V 1.1KW
Drilling capacity (S235JR) 32 mm
Continuous drilling capacity (S235JR) 28 mm
Spindle holding fixture MT 4
Size cutter head max. 63 mm
Size end mill cutter max. 28 mm
Working range 275 mm
Sleeve travel 120 mm
Head rotation ± 45°
Z-axis travel 510 mm
Gear stages 2 x 6 steps
Spindle speeds 95 - 3'200 rpm
Cross table size (L x W) 800 x 240 mm
Y-axis travel 200 mm
X-axis travel 450 mm
T-slot size 14 mm / 63 mm
T-slot distance 10 mm/35 mm
Load of cross table
Dimensions (L x W x H) 760 x 850 x 1150 mm
Net weight 320 kg