King Tony 911-000CR Tool Kit

King Tony 911-000CR Tool Kit

Lifetime warranty

This industrial quality tool kit contains every tool you need in a profesional workshop including, sockets, spanner, pliers, screwdrivers,chisels,hammer,hacksaw and locking pliers
Screwdrivers: (SNMC=V Alloy Steel)
Phillips Head: 0x60 1x80 2x38 2x100 3x150
Flat Head: 3x75 6.5x38 6.5x100 6.5x150 8x175
Chisels and Hammer:
Flat Chisel: 15x125mm 17x150mm 20x175mm
Centre Punch: 5x150mm
Pin Punches: 4x150mm 6x180mm 8x:200mm
Hammer Forged and Hardened Steel:
Ball Pein 580gr
Hacksaw 300mm
Sockets (Chrome Vanadium)
3/8 12Point Sockets 6mm-22mm & 3/8-13/16
1/2 12Point Sockets 10mm-32mm & 3/8-1
1/4 6Point Deep Sockets 4mm-13mm & 5/32-1/2
1/4 6Point Sockets 4mm-13mm & 5/32-1/2
Ratchets: (Chrome Vanadium)
1/4 Reversible Ratchet
3/8 Reversible Ratchet
1/2 Reversible Ratchet
Universal Joints (Chrome Vanadium)
1/4 Universal Joint
3/8 Universal Joint
1/2 Universal Joint
1/4Fx3/8M Adapter
3/8Fx1/4M Adapter
1/2Fx3/8M Adapter
Extensions Bars (Chrome Vanadium)
1/4 Extension Bar 50mm
1/4 Extension Bar 100mm
3/8 Extension Bar 75mm
3/8 Extension Bar 150mm
1/2 Extension Bar 125mm & 250mm
Flexible Handles (Chrome Vanadium)
3/8 Flexible Handle 215mm
1/2 Flexible Handle 375mm
Sliding T-Bar (Chrome Vanadium)
3/8 Sliding T-Bar 200mm
1/2 Sliding T-Bar 250mm
Spark Plug Sockets (Chrome Vanadium)
1/2 6Point 16mm & 21mm
Pliers (Chrome Vanadium)
250mm Curved Jaw with Wire Cutter Locking Plier
250mm Water Pump Plier with 7 Position Opening
175mm Circlip Plier Straight for External Retaining Rings
175mm Circlip Plier Straight for Internal Retaining Rings
175mm Circlip Plier Bent for Internal Retaining Rings
European Type Combination Plier 175mm
Heavy Duty Diagonal Cutter Plier 175mm
European Type Long Nose Plier 150mm
Allen Keys (SNCM=V Alloy Steel Chrome Plated)
Long Arm Ball Point 1.5mm-10mm
Long Arm Ball Point 3/32-3/8
Spanners (Chrome Vanadium Plated)
15deg Combination 6mm-21mm & 1/4-1inch
15deg Double Open End 8x9mm-18x19mm
15deg Flare Nut 10x11mm 12x14mm 14x17mm
75deg Double Ring Offset Thin Wall 6x7mm-18x19mm
75deg Double Ring Offset Thin Wall
15deg Double Open Ended 1/4x5/16-13/16x7/8
200mm & 300mm Adjustable Wrench